Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Wedding Scene

We have finished filming this scene and have edited it at a high standard, we choose an appropriate song to play over the film. A song by Josh Woodward - "I'm letting go". We have cut this song to the chorus and playing the sentimental song lyrics to set the mood over the action of the female role crying, in means to get the audience empathising with her character.

This scene is the build up of emotions for the last scene. This scene needs to have an emotional effect on the audience as the first scene is just an opening and has no relation to them or to their knowing of the film so far. With this in mind, the showing of an important love binding day will then hit them with knowledge of what they have already found out and instantly feel empathy for the wife.
The viewing of both scenes would now inform the audience of what type of film this is going to turn out to be, the editing of the two clips but together are very different as opposed to one straight clip, it varies in pace and effects to make it more appealing to the audience.

Our initial idea was to have to newly married couple surrounded by friends and family, but to make this more of an affectionate scene we had them alone together laughing and joking as if someone was making a home video. To record this we only used a handed camera to give it more of an unprofessional feel as it was intended to. The editing used on this scene was simple as we used a zoom out effect on a still image to go to moving images, we also wanted to stick to the idea of it being a home made wedding video we are going to use a time-stamp and "rec" usually seen on a camera when recording. An aged effect has also been put on to give the idea of looking back in the past at what was.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Technical Difficulties

We were not able to do anymore editing and filming due to technical difficulties with the editing on the laptop and the problems with the actors.
Where we are so far
We have recorded the first storyboard "the incident" scene which runs for 50 seconds, however there is a change in the storyline as we were not able to use the extras due to the amount of people unreliable to work with. Our alternative idea was to set the scene in a near park with the male character alone. This seemed to work out better as it was easier to direct and film but as had a time limit we had to move from frame to frame quickly without disregarding the fact that we still had to film at a high quality standard. i envision a more fitting storyline to carry on the film with.

To make a more effective impact on the audiences viewing we thought about what codes would show violence and hurt. We came up with putting fake blood on the actors t-shirt, this leaves the audience questioning what injury the actor may have sustained. This scene is our opening as it starts with a flash back that is entertaining and captures the audiences attention, as if they're not concentrating then they'll miss important links within the film. this is also our opening choose as it is a good lead on to unravelling the rest of the film.

Entwined in these shots are a few clips where it is from his point of view, we thought about putting this in as from the audiences view they can feel more involved with the film as it's suggesting your in his shoes. We added affects on these clips making the vision disorientated linking in with him feeling confused and unsure.

We choose to have non-digetic sound as we thought it fit best, the out of breathe running, braking branches the heavy pants shows the feebleness and despair he is going through.
Our plan of action on the filming status will be the wedding scene and the completion of editing of this will be done on the Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st. We are fully equipped to do so as we have the wedding dress and both male and female actors willing to film on these set dates.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Title & Credits

As a group we have been looking at titles and credits of different romantic film and looking at what is appropriate to fit the genre.

The text style suits the film title as it seems like a females writing and you can sense what kind of mood the film is giving. The colour of the text is debatable as the colour red is normally associated with danger and blood, however i think it works as it shows love and romance due to the text style.

As we had finally came up with a name for our film "The Dearly Departed" we had written in different texts to see what style of front would suit the sort of genre our film. As it was going to be a romantic tradegy we settled on the fancy writing.

The font style for the "Titanic" is bold and simple, this works for this film as it seems the bold name writen on the ship.

The font for "OPEN WATER" is bold and simple so the image would stand out more to give more to the effect.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Christmas term

Over the Christmas term we were not able to do any filming as we were not set with the correct equipment& due to weather conditions we could not film certain sences as it would be hazardous to our saftey, however at the start of January we will be defiantly be getting filming done and have something to show after all the research we have done and all the time put into doing it.


We produced a letter asking if we could include people in our film opening. This would also show us how many people we actually had to work with while filming.

Dear Sir/Madam,
As part of our AS Media Studies course for 2009/2010 we need to produce a film opening. To ensure that we have the best opening possible we will need many extras, we would be delighted if you would take part in this with us for the filming of our first scene on the 18th December at approximately 1.00pm at Sheldon Heath Community Arts College (for address see below*). The clothes you will require will be smart casual as we are hoping to get the effect of an incident at a place of work.

If this is of no problem you may also be required to film for our second scene at a later date for the “Wedding Scene” we know it will be taking place at some point over the Christmas half term. The venue for this scene is by Sheldon Country Park, but if you are able to come we will arrange a meeting point for all cast. For this you will need to bring smart clothes as if attending a Wedding ceremony. E.g.: Boys in suits and girls in dresses - weather permitted.
Bring umbrellas to both events.

Scene 1 – Incident Scene - 18th December 2009
Not Attending

Scene 2 - The Wedding Scene – Christmas Half term
Not Attending
Unsure until date is arranged

Best Regards,
Jodie Mills, Carlaina Breese and Remarni Miller.
If there are any problems please get in contact with the 3 of us through Sheldon Heath Community Arts College.

*Sheldon Heath Community Arts College
Sheldon Heath Road
26 2RZ
0121-464 4428 '